You found me. I am John Borys a photographer, life long artist and a past creative director of 32 years. I was watching an interview with Henri Cartier Bresson and one of the things that resonated with me was that “everything is a fraction of a second” It’s all about all the right compositional elements coming together and being in the right place in the frame – and then you take the shot. And then it’s gone forever. Never to happen that way again.  I thought about that and I could see the truth in this with “street photography” which he is famous for and portraits from my own experience. Landscapes probably not. But then I thought about the wind moving the trees, and the ocean waves moving in and out on the beach. And the light changing from a cool blue before sunrise to pink, to orange then to daylight. My work deals with what happens within a “fraction of a second.” For more information on my work and current inventory contact me directly:

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My wonderful dog “Zia” a Great Dane rescue. The people that found her called her “Lucy”   Her Story


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