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I have been an artist my whole life.  A Creative Director for 32 years, had three agencies and have been taking pictures since I was nine years old. Henri Carrtier Bresson said that “everything is a fraction of a second.” It’s about all the right compositional elements coming together and being in the right place in the frame and then you take the shot. And then it’s gone forever. Knowing when to take the shot and creating a great composition doesn’t happen over night. Telling a visual story in an exciting creative and emotional way takes years of practice. 

Context, understanding painting, drawing and art history, gives your work depth interest and emotion. Bresson referred to his photographs as “quick sketches” he studied art formally and also draws and paints. I have been painting and drawing since I was 3 and majored in fine art. He is right, if you think of your images as “sketches” it will change how you tell the story visually. For bookings: Email or call me: 713-416-8422


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