Traditional Color


Stunning detail, rich blacks, the full tonal range possible within an image is what you will get with my portrait images. Compare my work to anyone you are considering. Amateurs have no clue on how to properly set exposure, produce a true black, create shadow detail or images that look natural, that have depth and capture a great expression.

Tec Pan black and white


Technical Pan is almost a panchromatic black and white film that was produced by Kodak back in the day. A high contrast, extra fine grain texture, with rich deep blacks my images treated this way have the “look” that we see in a lot of the Vogue and high fashion images currently. A true classic, timeless black and white “look.”

Selenium Tone


Selenium toning is a method of changing the color of black-and white prints. An archival toning process that produces warm rich brown tones. A Classic, timeless look.

 “John Borys Signature Look”

Similar appearance to a pinhole camera, the blur and light fall off are custom designed by me to bring more attention to the key areas in the photo. Like the tilt and shift controls found on an 8 x 10 view camera, I can get very precise and place the “depth of field range” exactly where I want it. These are sepia tone images with warmth, that combines the traditional toning methods with the new digital technologies.

For the upmost in image quality I can hand retouch your image to remove any blemishes, wrinkles, smooth out skin, enhance eyes for the best look possible.

The choice is yours. I love producing exceptional images for my clients. 


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