Generation X: Consumer profiles

Generation X: Consumer profiles

“The Assimilated” Generation X: Balance is key, they crave independence are skeptical, ignore leadership. Their view on money: Save it.


1965-1980 – 28 – 43, Barack Obama, Jennifer Lopez crew. Currently, there are 51 million. The Gen Xers, grew up with Watergate, dual incomes, single parents and was the first generation of Latchkey Kids. Y2K, Downsizing, and Mom worked. Growing up having to take care of themselves early and watching politicians lie along with mom and dad (one or both) getting laid off has had its effects. Gen X came of age when the USA was losing its status as the most powerful and prosperous nation in the world. Balance is key, diversity a must, having fun, they are highly educated, have high job expectations, crave independence, informal and no real organizational loyalty. Gen Xers, are pragmatic, self-reliant, skeptical, cynical, suspicious of Boomer values, think globally and are Tech-literate.


 They are “free agents” ignore leadership, were pampered by their parents, self-sufficient and skeptical of institutions. They do however; have a high degree of brand loyalty. A strong sense of entitlement, unimpressed with Authority, X’ers are willing to take on responsibility, and willing to put time in to get a job done. Work/life Balance. The first “day care” generation. See education as a way to get there. They value time, are cautious, and believe in save, save, save. They see work as “work smarter and with greater output,” not “work long hours.” Gen Xers are “Assimilated” technology to them is something you can hold in your hand. Blunt, direct, and immediate Gen Xers prefer straight talk, present facts and use email as the preferred tool of communication. They also believe that everybody should learn their language and speak it.


Gen Xers, are pragmatic, self-reliant, skeptical, cynical, suspicious of Boomer values, think globally and are Tech-literate.


Informal, and communicating in short sound bites, 120 characters is just fine, share information immediately, and often. They have the potential to bridge the gap between the youngest and the oldest. Hate micro-management, avoid buzzwords and company jargon. Recognition is not important. Freedom is the best reward. Motivational messaging would be along the lines of “do it your way” “forget the rules” and time off. Work is a means to an end. Gen Xers appreciate creativity, flexibility; they work with you, not for you. Generally lack people skills, no long-term outlook, and don’t understand the optimism of Boomers and Gen Y.



John Borys, Brand Expert

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