Improve your photography


Improve your photography

The point of view, how you tell the story part.

How to improve your photography.

There are biases and perceptions that all images have. We see things with a predisposition based on social norms, general acceptance, and our own personal experiences of what we are looking at. Movies, broadcast, and commercials, are always pushing the visual narrative about how we think about a subject. In this example, all know what a guitar looks like. Our typical orientation is seeing a guitar being played and looking at it sideways as a musician plays it. In music stores, they are hung on the wall stacked upwards in two or three rows all around the store walls. Above eye level, you have to look up at them and have a salesperson lower it down to play. If you are a guitarist, there is a sense of awe seeing all these beautiful guitars that you look up to. The instruments are given down from on high, the guitar gods smile, you take a deep breath. You wait anxiously to plug in and play the guitar of your dreams. The idea here is to get a guitarist that is not a “Gibson guy” to consider playing a Gibson, rather than a Fender, or a PRS, or Gretch, etc. It’ all a matter of perspective and changing perception. If you want to learn how to develop your eye to start to seeing and improve your visual storytelling I teach private lessons to serious photographers. For more information: 

“Never stop looking for what’s not there.”

Monte Wildhorn, The Magic Of Belle Isle

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