Cloudscape and Landscapes Workshops


Cloudscape and Landscapes Workshops

S        P        A        C        E

The drive down Texas 22 to Malaquite beach gives you time to disconnect and unplug.

Welcome to Malaquite beach, the Longest Stretch of Undeveloped Barrier Island in the World.

Rejuvenating space. 70 miles of undeveloped natural coastline, dunes, prairies, and wind tidal flats teeming with life. The atmosphere here is amazing and what you find on the beach is different everyday. The sense of space here is like no other. Unplug. Clear your head. Breathe again. Turn off the noise and get back to the joy of photography.

Wallie Cooley, Cloudscapes Class
Jack Neal, Cloudscapes Class

Cloudscapes and Landscapes Photography Workshops.

Throughout the year we have various photographic workshops tailored to all levels of photographers. Because of our unique location all of our classes make you feel like you are on a  special retreat.  Our Calendar of Workshops can be found here. 

Little Shell Beach

Cloudscapes Class

Sunrise Shoots

Little Shell beach

Todays Find

Spring Storms

Zone System for Digital Cameras

Digital Darkroom

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