Corporate Identification


Corporate Identification

A well-designed logo is timeless. It should look good in black and white also. Your company’s logo should say something about the core essence of your business. At JB&A we help our clients craft a clear brand strategy from the logo all the way through to campaign executions with multiple customer touch-points. Your logo should “read” quickly, and look great the size of a favicon as well as on the side of a truck or a building. Action Box Company, wanted a new logo, (shown here) the logical place to start was with a typical box. We have all seen boxes with that “circular thing” on them. I thought it might be interesting to make this into a logo for them. Great logos endure. Look at Harley Davidson, Nike, and Pepsi and the Wheaties logos. We designed the Kolache Factory logo almost 20 years ago and it still holds up.


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