The People of Corpus Christi, Texas

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The stories of the  people that live and work in  Corpus Christi, Texas

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F E R N A N D O   O R T I Z


The Arts On Ocean Drive

I met Fernando Ortiz when I first moved here. He was swapping out my refrigerator and we talked about food. I mentioned the movie “The Chef” (which if you haven’t seen it is a story about a chef that gets a food truck and follows his dream of making the best  food that he can). Fernando had seen the movie too and was a big fan. His wife now Kimberly works at a restaurant supply company here in Corpus and they are both big time cooks. This was great. I wanted to get the lay of the land on where to get good “Tex Mex” here which is a Texas thing no matter where you might live is to find the best place to eat this wonderful stuff. Don’t try Tex Mex in Arizona or any other place other than in Texas, they don’t get it. Kimberly and Fernando were recently married, and I was fortunate enough to take pictures for the wedding. It was an amazing afternoon and night. It was nice to feel this welcome with my first real contact with someone from Corpus Christi. Fernando loves to fish. We are going to do that this summer for sure. His children are wonderful and with the addition of Kimberly they make a great couple.  Both of them are down to earth and I look forward to great fishing ahead, good food to be cooked and cervezas to drink. Below are a few pictures from the wedding. Yes, it was that fun!!

D A N A   A U L T M A N-B A Z I N E T


The Atomic Omelette

The woman in the Restaurant…(In Paris). Ironically Dana Aultman-Bazinet really is a restaurateur at the Atomic Omelette here in Corpus Christi! An infectious, over the top– wonderful redhead with a Blunt cut hair doo. When I first met her, I had this idea to photograph her with a cigarette holder in black and white “old Hollywood Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, style.” She speaks German and is married to a French Canadian so it was in her DNA all the time, Dana Aultman-Bazinet is fabulous and great to work with. She hasn’t modeled in a very long time but give her a few props and she is totally in character!

TO BE CONTINUED.. If you are interested or have a friend that is interesting that lives in Corpus Christi contact me. I am always on the look out for interesting people to photograph for this upcoming book! Many thanks in advance! 


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