JB&A about us


We execute strategic creative messaging to persuade Seniors, Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y to see the relevance of your brand and why they can't live without it.

We achieve this in many different ways.  “Strategic creative” means that our creative executions are based on a strategy defined by research, demographic insight, client data, and thirty years of experience creating relevant campaigns that produce tangible results. Seniors (adapted to technology), Boomers (acquired technology), Gen X (assimilated technology), and Gen Y (are the fully integrated techies) are examples of the market demographics we excel in reaching. Your customers are part of these demographics. For JB&A, being able to communicate your brand across all customer touch-points is what defines our value. We are personable, passionate, experienced, and curious. We are accountable; we use metrics to measure brand performance and change. Having worked for several companies and on our own, we fully understand ROI. What sets us apart in our industry is that we combine the creative with the bottom line. JB&A is branding with business sense.

The generational differences of a customer base

have never been more relevant.