Atomic Omelette Corpus Christi, Photography For your son


This is the Collection of my work at the Atomic Omelette. All the  photos were taken here in Corpus Christi and in the Malaquite Beach area. One of the reasons I moved here was because of the wonderful space and tranquility that is found in this part of the world. Malaquite Beach for me is a very special place. If your son really likes the body of work I am offering only to you a “Group Show Retrospective” that includes all the images. I can get one of my assistants to help hang the work at your sons new place as a “gallery wall look” or strategically place the images throughout the residence in different rooms in the key focal point of each room. It would give your son’s place a very unique, integrated look. And every room will have visual continuity throughout the space. I could do a signing of all the images with you and your son and would love to do that for him. From the artist to the collector’s experience if you will. I really appreciate the fact that you like my work. And this body of work represents my first impressions of what caught my eye when I moved here a year ago. This would be the first numbered print of each image. You will have the only “Retrospective of my first body of work” that was done in the Corpus Christi in your son’s collection. 

Kindly, John

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