Before the shoot


Practice the “sit and stay” at home with treats. Don’t get frustrated if it takes some time for your Fur Baby to “get it.” The best way is to start with a “watch me” command from you. When the dog looks at you, give them the reward. Do this several times in different places within your house. Have rewards with you for different parts of the house. A dog needs learn how to pay attention first.

Next work on the “sit” I raise my right hand with the treat in it palm facing you.  ALWAYS start with a “watch me” then the “sit”, then the “stay.” After they have got the “watch me and the “sit.” Then go to the “Stay” command. I use a stop sign fist and say firmly “STAY.”   Wait a few seconds. Then give them a return command. I literally say “RETURN.” Give them praise “Good (dogs name) or Good girl or good boy! Then give them the treat! The key is to break it down into easy learning “chunks” for your Fur Baby! BE CONSISTANT IN YOUR COMMANDS. AND BE PATIENT  with your Fur Baby!  (Warning this training does not work well on husbands, boyfriends or wives.)



 Don’t feed your dog in the morning. They will be very attentive to treats! Which is what we want!. If they have favorite small toy bring that. You will be behind me working on getting your Fur Babies attention to look at camera or where we want them to look.

If you took them to the groomer, try to book my shooting time fairly close after to when you had this done.