Beginning Photography Classes

Beginning Photography Classes

Beginning Photography Classes



Beginning Photography Classes 

4 Segments, 60 minutes each.

 $200.00 Total Includes 4 sessions

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This class is perfect for beginning photographers, anyone that wants to get better results and anyone that needs a refresher course on taking pictures. It doesn’t matter what kind of camera you have it just needs to be a digital one, and one that will let you set the  controls of the aperture, shutter speed and ISO. (cell phones do not and are not part of this class)


Learn your camera dials and buttons.

Learn what Shutter speed, aperture and ISO are.

Learn the basics of how to take great pictures. 

The goal here is to be able to shoot in manual mode.

You control the camera, the camera does not control you. 


Concepts covered:

  • Understanding your camera the dials and buttons what they do
  • Understanding aperture 
  • Understanding shutter speed
  • Understanding ISO, ASA
  • Understanding how they work together
  • Understanding The proper Exposure
  • Understanding reciprocal exposure settings
  • How to take pictures using aperture priority mode – why and how
  • How to take pictures using shutter priority mode- why and how
  • How to create custom mode settings for specific shooting situations
  • How to shoot in manual mode- advantages
  • Mastering Depth of field- how to utilize different apertures for best results
  • How various shutter speeds affect images
  • How aperture affects images
  • People shots – the basics
  • Landscape shots- the basics
  • Composition and cropping
  • Formats, 35mm, Square, and panoramic
  • Understanding the EV settings and how to use these effectively


Session Outline:

First Class – Will be learning your camera’s specific dial and buttons – where they are- and a overview of what the Key dials do. Shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. 

Second Class – Continued explanation of dials, settings plus how professional photographers set up their cameras – questions answers and previous settings review and class assignment.   

Third Class – Review of all key camera settings. Intro to Aesthetics. What is a good picture? Why is it a good picture? What can you learn from studying master photographers works. Understanding different shooting situations, shooting strategy. Dial review and re-cap of key settings. Shooting assignment(s) to understand how to control your camera settings for desired repeatable results.

Fourth Class – Review of assignment, personal one on one review and materials targeted to what you want to shoot. Developing your own “creative voice” what this is and specific references to help you bring this out in your work. Re-cap of concepts and settings. Question and answers, Shooting assignment, and introduction to intermediate class structure and agenda.


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