Beginning Bird Photography Details

Beginning Bird Photography Details

Speed, planning, and patience.

Photographing birds even while they are still is not easy. Photographing birds in-flight is really hard if you don’t know how to use your camera correctly. I can teach you how to do both.

Learn the basics of how to plan your shots, what you need to have in the way of equipment, and how to shoot fast. We will cover the types of birds you can expect to see both migratory and year-round in the Rockport area. Knowing their behavior greatly improves your ability to photograph birds. This class is geared towards all skill levels and users of all cameras, digital, mirrorless and DSLRs. (cell phones are not part of this class)


This class is perfect for bird lovers that want to get better results, beginning photographers, and advanced photographers that are just starting to photograph birds.

Beginning Bird Photography

$200.00 – This is 4 classes, each 60-minutes and a field trip to practice what you just learned.

Due to COVID – Dates and times are TBD – Planning to start in 2021

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Concepts covered

  • What kinds of shots are effective and some of the best ways to set these shots up
  • How to shoot fast, what camera settings are best
  • What kind of lenses are best for photographing birds
  • What not to do when taking pictures of birds
  • The secret weapon – how to get birds to come to your backyard or porch
  • Bird behavior, various birds both year-round and migratory species
  • Practice drills you can do that will help you shoot faster
  • How to identify birds
  • Photographic Composition, what to do — and what not to do
  • The “Background” and how it impacts your images
  • Pre – Focusing and why this is important
  • Optimizing camera settings for low light
  • What to have in your camera bag for location shooting

Rockport is fortunate to have a great variety of both year-round and migratory birds. Birds change color based on age and time of migration part of the class will focus on bird identification, and various bird behavior and why it is important for photography.

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