Baby Boomers: Consumer profiles

Baby Boomers: Consumer profiles

Baby Boomers: Consumer profiles

“The Acquired” The Baby Boomers: Value intimacy, are workaholics, ambitious. View on money: Buy now, pay later.


1946-1964 ages 42-62, Bill Clinton, Meryl Streep come to mind. Roughly 80 million of them. They were part of the Civil Rights, Vietnam War, Sexual Revolution, Cold War/Russia and the beginnings of space travel and exploration. Highest divorce rate and the highest number of second marriages in history. They grew up to be the radicals of the 70’s and the yuppies of the 80’s. The “American Dream” was promised to them as children and they pursue it. Perceived as greedy, materialistic and ambitious.


 They are anti-war, anti-government; believe that anything is possible, extremely loyal to their children, optimistic and believers of personal gratification. They want to make a difference in the world. Competent, competitive, challenge authority, some are idealists, and have a strong work ethic. They are the “Leave it to Beaver” bunch. Mom stayed home. Working 60 hr. workweeks to establish self-worth, they value relationships. Technology was “acquired” and they had to learn how to use a computer pretty much from scratch. Face time is valued. Are hesitant of taking too much time off work for fear of losing their place on the corporate ladder. As a result, there is an imbalance between work and family.


The “American Dream” was promised to them as children and they pursue it.


They value ambition, youthfulness, and want respect from younger workers. Are mission oriented, anxious to please, see the big picture and good team players. They expect everyone to be workaholics, dislike conflict, and are judgmental if they disagree with someone or something. Technology to them is the microwave.  Diplomatic, appreciate an open direct style of communication, appreciate options, use body language to communicate, like the personal touch, prefer inclusion, (may get offended if not) ok to use first names, feel rewarded by money and often display awards, and like recognition and praise. Messaging that motivates them: “You are valued.” “You are needed.” And good old m-o-n-e-y. Achievers, a stellar career is important to them as they question where they have been? And where are they going?


John Borys, Brand Expert

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