The Art of Dog Photography Workshops

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The Art of Dog Photography Workshop

$100.00 – This is a 90 minute presentation.

Contact me directly to schedule (713) 416-8422

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The Art of Dog Photography

The relationship between you and your dog is special.

Each dog has its own way of walking, expressing themselves, likes, dislikes, personality and wonderful things that they do. I want to help you create images that communicate your dog’s personality and the relationship that you have with your dog.

Learn the basics of how to develop a storyline about your dog and portray them visually through stunning images in photography. This class is geared towards all skill levels and users of all cameras, including mobile phones, point and shoot, mirrorless and DSLRs.


This class is perfect for dog lovers that want to get better results, beginning photographers and advanced photographers that are just starting to work with animals.


Concepts covered

  • What makes a dog photo interesting and effective?
  • What kinds of shots are effective and some of the best ways to set these shots up
  • Lighting and how to best exploit it to capture your dog
  • The “Background” and how it impacts your images
  • What not to do when taking pictures your dog
  • The secret weapon in getting your dog to focus and watch you
  • Identifying shooting locations and opportunities to get great images of your dog
  • How to train your dog to work with you more effectively
  • How to develop a shot list to best tell your dog’s unique story
  • Composition, what to do — and what not to do
  • Back lighting, how to make it work for you not against you
  • Grab shots, how to anticipate and plan to get the best image possible
  • Set-up shots, planning out a successful photo session with your fur baby

The first 90 minutes is explaining the concepts outlined above. Then I help each student develop a shooting strategy based on their dog, its personality and skill level of the student. My goal is to have students who take this class produce successful images that tell a story about their dog in an engaging and impactful way.





Zia’s story

I am blessed to have had 3 Great Danes, Holly, Gianna, who have gone over Rainbow Bridge and now Zia. If it wasn’t for a wonderful soul that suggested a dog, I would never know the joy that these wonderful creatures can bring into our lives.