Fur Baby Fine Photography


Fur Baby Fine Photography

Fur Baby Fine Photography is now available in Corpus Christi, Portland, Rockport, and Fulton Texas!

Fur Baby Fine Photography is now available in Corpus Christi, Portland, Rockport, and Fulton Texas!

The relationship people have with their dogs is a special one.

Every Fur Baby has its way of walking and expressing themselves. All dogs have individual personalities and the beautiful things that they do. John Borys Fine Art photographer founder of Fur Baby Fine Photography has a Great Dane rescue named Zia. John says, “The expressions of love and just wanting to be where you are is what got him interested in photographing fur babies. A dog’s love is a wonderful thing. I want to create pictures that show the true majesty and regal qualities that dogs have. There are way too many stories of abuse, abandonment, and cruelty that we hear about dogs. Fur babies are special. Period. Moreover, our family members. They deserve the dignity that comes with that. John says:

“Just like any other member of the family portraying Fur Babies through fine photography makes perfect sense to dog owners.” 

MoFur Baby Fine photos are at the studio in Corpus Christ, and John offers on-location photo shoots also.

“John was patient and knew just how to direct my rambunctious dogs! We left with beautiful portraits of my two dogs, and my fur babies had a blast in his studio!”


John talks to you personally about your special fur baby. It is essential that they have a great experience too! There are options available, and many clients want John to do a book on their Fur Baby! Start a Fur baby scrapbook so that you have memories of them from when they were just a pup or from the time when you got them. Many rescue dogs are middle-aged and to have beautiful pictures to see the transition from being timid to embracing and loving over time is pretty amazing. The love you give them and the love they give you back is hard to put into words. A Fur Baby Fine photograph is worth a thousand words. The only requirement for a Fur Baby Fine Photograph is that they will “sit” and “stay” at your command. Gift certificates for a Fur Baby Fine Photography sitting make for a beautiful gift!

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