Inner Persona

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“I am so happy with my pictures! John is a great director his stylist Sandra was amazing! It was so much fun!”  DANA, MANAGER ATOMIC OMLETTE, CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS

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 Throw an “inner persona party” for you and your friends! Book a session for yourself!


It’s a simple idea really. As a creative director (32 years) being responsible for creating “the look” of a commercial to tell a story I have a knack for finding people that fit the role. Dana who is featured here is a hilarious, fun over the top red head who has an infectious personality. I knew immediately after talking to her that a 40’s 50’s “Classic Hollywood look” would fit her to a tee. She loved the idea. So, I grabbed my wonderful stylist Sandra and we began developing the look and style we were after. The fact that she wasn’t a professional model or talent makes it easier to direct (no bad habits) and we got some amazing images. I think Dana nailed it. It was a ton of fun she and she had a wonderful time. I am thinking that other people with my help finding their “inner persona” will enjoy doing a photo shoot like this too!




Packages start at $175.00 Groups of 3 or more start $500.00 several options available. Contact us for details 713-416-8422