Intermediate Bird Photography

Bird Photography Rockport John Borys school of photography


Intermediate Bird Photography Workshop


February 27, 2 to 3:30pm  March 15,  2 to 3:30pm

Taught at the Rockport Center for the Arts


90 minutes, bring your camera a laptop or something to take notes with.


*To Enroll call me at 713-416-8422 or Email me


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Who this is for:

Intermediate photographers that want to learn how to photograph birds. Advanced photographers that have never taken bird or wildlife pictures. And bird watchers that are considering learning how to take bird photographs. 


This class is geared towards intermediate photographers who understand their camera buttons and have a basic understanding of photographic terminology. Digital DSLRs, mirrorless cameras only no cell phone cameras. You must have a good working knowledge of photography, your camera and its settings. 

Scope of the Workshop

Learn how to capture birds in flight, feeding, in trees or on the ground. Learn all the techniques that professionals use to capture those wonderful images of birds.


This Workshop is limited to 10 people – enroll soon and don’t miss out.


Concepts Covered  

•  Learn a proper technique in how to photograph birds.

•  How to improve your bird photography specific techniques, practice drills

•   Photographing birds on the ground and birds in-flight shooting techniques

•  What is a good bird photography set-up? Camera, lenses, etc.

•  Understanding different bird behavior.

•  The right settings to insure better more consistent results

•  How to identify birds here in Rockport and at home.

•  How to set up a repeatable bird landing area at your home.