Photography About Me

About Me


I have been a creative director for the past 30 years and have directed over 2,000 photo-shoots.

Some of the photo shoots were pictures of different types of people — young, old, singles, affluent, couples, honeymooner’s and lifestyle. (Some of the people were non-talent some were models). Other photo shoots were of some kind of product or some wonderful dish from a chief.  A lot were taken for different industries: Travel and leisure, retail, consumer goods, healthcare, business to business, food, professional services and industrial. All of these experiences taught me how to tell a story.

Each type of photography is special. Food has it’s own visual language and look automotive does too. Location photography works with available light mostly. Timing is everything in location shooting. Even a few minutes will make a difference in where a shadow might fall. Location is about waiting on the light and being ready for it. Seeing the nuances is what makes great images.

All of the photographers that I have had the pleasure to direct and work with taught me valuable lessons. I have been directing and taking pictures most of my professional career. As a creative director and photographer my role is to communicate persuasively creatively and tell a story.

The story I am telling now — is your story.

The story of you and your loved one.