The Walker


How do you tell a story with your camera?

  “The Walker” John Borys Photography ©2019 The beach is many things to many different people. Finding an interesting point of view and telling a story that connects emotionally while on the beach is challenging at best.  Think of all the same old pictures you see in Facebook groups. Boats in a harbor, birds on a pier, sunrises, and sunsets…

Great pictures however, excite and surprise us.

Does your photography pass the “interesting test”?

Are you photographing the same thing over and over? Does it tell a story in an interesting way? Are you in a rut? Photography is way more than recording an event or taking pictures just because you like to.

Every great photographer has their “own voice” their way of seeing and feeling things.

The reality is “You don’t take a photograph, — you make a photograph.” – Ansel Adams

I can help you find “your voice” in photography.

I teach both aesthetics and technique in my private online lessons.   Contact me, I’m now in Rockport 

Lessons start at $90.00 per hour. Packages available. Custom lessons available specifically targeted at what you want to improve on.



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