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Finally, great images of your dog

and 50% Off Your First Picture!

Limited Time Offer!*


These photos can be taken at your home or business or on location within the Corpus Christi area. I typically photograph for about an hour and take about 70 or so pictures. From these on average there are about 5 to 10 really good ones. I will pick the best ones to show you. From these I charge $75.00 each for a finished, retouched digital file that you can get a print made from any CVS or photo outlet. You get your first image for 50% OFF, $37.50.  I charge $300.00 for a photo session but I am going to discount this fee 50% with this special offer to $150.00. All of my images are retouched, and processed like the ones shown here. I want you to be totally happy and satisfied with your pictures so that you will tell your friends. I recently moved here from Austin and part of my fees here will go to setting up my new studio space in Corpus Christi. 

What to do next

Contact me at 713-416-8422 or email me at: To discuss what day and time and where you want the pictures taken and other specifics for the photoshoot.

Tips for a Great Photo

Have dog treats with you and If you are calm and relaxed they will be too. Be willing to assist me with getting your dog to “sit” and “stay.” I have a squeaker that I use to get them to focus on me when I take the picture.  It takes a little time for your dog to get comfortable, so leave time for that to happen. Your dog should be able to do a “sit” and a “stay” for really great images and they should be able to listen to you — and do what you say.

*Offer restrictions, you must purchase at least one photo and pay for my time to take the photos. Total due at the photoshoot is $187.50  Cash or check only.  Additional images will be billed to you later after approval. OFFER ENDS May 31, 2017

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