The Fine Art of Photography


The Fine Art of Photography

The fine art of Photography

Anyone can pick up a camera. Very few can tell a story with one.

First, you have to know clearly what kind of narrative you want to create. Visual images have meaning and inherent biases connected to them. We have all seen a beach. The point of view and the light are what make this image interesting. I wanted to capture the ripples from the wind in the sand. The way the water and the sand have movement is another subtle connection compositionally. When working with people the pose has an attitude all its own. When a person is directed properly, trust and confidence come through. The authentic soul of the person is made visible. Directness and clarity are achieved because there is no searching for technique. Or hope that you have caught the decisive moment where the story tells the truth. You know intuitively, you take the shot. You trust your experience. This what photography is to me.

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