The Ortiz Wedding

The Ortiz Wedding

It was legal, they had a Priest

And then everyone went to the reception

Kimberly had some interesting gifts for Fernando. If Fernando is blindfolded then how is he checking his cell phone? They told me they wanted a “western style” feel to the photos. But there is definitely something else going on here!

Kimberly said to Fernando, now that we are married Fernando you are going to help keep our place CLEAN! Is that a toilet bowl scrubber? (zoom in)

Now it was Fernando’s turn. We are not sure what he gave her?

All we know is that the girls are giggling! Hmmm.

Kimberly told Fernando — Hell no! I’m not going to wear that! And Tossed the Boquet!

 Fernando grabbed the garter belt and tossed that!

It was at that point that all Hell broke loose!!

Kimberly and Fernando want to say thank you again for attending our wedding! 

Here is how to get your pictures from the wedding!

We are offering you three ways to get pictures of you, the kids and the reception. All images are professionally retouched and color corrected and included in the price. The “western style pictures” were all created by hand and are one of a kind. John Borys Photography was nice enough to donate his shooting time to our wedding for free. The Cost of the prints and the digital file are his only source of payment. A digital file color version $25 a digital file western version $30. A traditional 4 color print 10″ x10″ with a silk finish for $35. or a Western Style print  10″ x 10″ as shown with Kimberly’s parents below for $45. 

The print pictures of the kids are $12 or $15 for the western style (10′ x 10″) If you want a digital file of the kids in color those are $5. The reception are all in the western style and are 10 x10 for $45 each. If you want a digital file of one of the reception images those are $35. Just give Fernando or Kimberly the photo number and the payment and your favorite pictures are on thier way! Please allow 3 days from the time you give the order.  All the prints will be delivered to Kimberly and Fernando. Just get with them on getting your print or digital file.