So Where is this place?

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So Where is this place?


Corpus Christi, Texas

The Home of Cloudscape and Landscapes Workshops

If you look at a Texas map Corpus Christi is in the middle part of the Texas Coastline on the right side of the State. Galveston, Houston is north and Brownsville is South. We are in the Gulf of Mexico where the 10 fathom curve is close so you can get to good offshore fishing without a slog. The ten fathom curve is the drop off where the bigger fish come up from to look for dinner. The fresh shrimp here is fantastic. Boiled in Old Bay seasoning is the way to go, Snoopy’s a seafood restaurant on the island prepares them that way. I asked the manager and he was nice enough to tell me. The Clouds here are phenomenal. The clouds were the first thing I noticed about this place. In the spring the thunderstorms start happening and the clouds just spring up and say shoot me! I have had several locals tell me that they never really noticed the clouds here until they saw my pictures. “Art is not what you see but what you make others see.” -Edgar Degas. I am flattered every time someone tells me this. I love helping my students learn how to do this too! In our Cloudscapes workshops I cover how to best photograph the clouds, what time, where they need to be, and from what point of view. Color temperature changes in a matter of minutes in the east light as the sun rises. I go out of my way to make sure that everyone understands how to do it and what is going on here. See my Workshop schedule here.

Bob Hall Pier Area

Corpus Christi is both on the mainland and on an island. The Bob Hall Pier is on the island part and the main road to get there is called the SPID. (South Padre Island Drive)It is also Texas 22. Once you cross over the bridge this is maybe 3 miles down the road on the left. It has ample parking and you can drive on the beach in either direction. A lot of the images on this site were shot just up the beach to the left where you can see the Pier facing towards Mexico. Good fishing, great for moon watching and in the winter time less people to deal with.

Malaquite Beach

Specifically the Malaquite Beach area is part of the northern most part of the Padre Island seashore. It is approximately 30 minutes South from Corpus Christi, Texas. The locals call the main road to the island the “SPID” (South Padre Island Drive) like you are heading to Bob Hall, and just keep going. It turns into Texas 22 and literally dead ends to the entrance of Malaquite Beach Park area. We shoot down here also.



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