Seniors: Consumer profiles

Seniors: Consumer profiles

Seniors: Consumer profiles

“They Adapted” to technology. The Seniors. They value family, believe in paying your dues, and adhere to rules. Their view on money: Pay cash, save.


1900-1945 – 63-86, The Bob Dole, Elizabeth Taylor crowd. Veterans of WWII, the Great Depression, and raised by survivors of the depression they know what “hard times” are. They grew up that way. They adhere to the rules, conform to authority, believe in contributing to the greater collective, are dedicated, believe in sacrifice, and delay reward. Seniors value discipline, don’t question authority, focus on family, are patriotic, and trust the government. Savers, they had to be. Competent, conservative, belief in doing more with less, have a historical viewpoint, belief in honor, hard work, fiscally prudent, abhor waste and education was a dream. They value family and are traditional. Seniors had to “adapt” to the world of computers they had no choice. Their idea of technology was the Hoover Dam.

 Dedication, discipline and delayed reward. (now that’s something you don’t hear often).

 Authority is based on seniority and tenure. A punch the clock, get the job done mindset. A dedicated, work ethic seniors expect others to honor their commitments and behave responsibly. Individualism is not valued. Like motivational messages, have a linear work style; their word is their bond, value due process, and fair play. Prefer top-down management and a clear chain of command. Believe in long-term careers. Tradition, history, a company with a good reputation and ethics are important. Loyal, dependable, stable, seniors don’t do well with change or ambiguity. Work is not supposed to be fun. Don’t understand a lack of discipline; prefer an individual to a machine. Present information in a formal, logical manner; show respect for their age and experience, slow to warm-up, focus on words, not body language, appreciate handwritten notes, less email and prefer more personal interaction. A personal touch will resonate. Big Band music, Gershwin, “It had to be you.”



John Borys, Brand Expert

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