“YardBirds” Photography Class Details

“YardBirds” Photography Class Details

Have fun in your backyard!

Ever dreamed of getting fantastic shots of the birds that visit your backyard? Or hummingbirds that are attracted to your feeder? Rockport has over 150 different bird species that are migratory and that are permanent residents. All the pictures shown here were taken from my porch. This fun exciting class will teach you how to get great yardbird pictures. All you need is a digital camera, and the proper setup to start capturing wonderful pictures of the birds in your backyard.


This class is perfect for bird lovers that want to get better results right at home!

“YardBirds” Photography Class

$100.00 – This is 2 classes, each 60-minutes and a follow-up what you just learned.

These classes are one-on-one either at my Rockport studio — or online whichever you prefer

Contact me to get schedule the class


Concepts covered

How to attract a variety of different birds

What type of bird feed works best

Different types of feeders and the pros and cons of some of the designs

The proper technique to capture birds and create great bird pictures consistently

How to get super sharp images

How to get the right exposure for birds

Everything you need to know to get great bird images

Rockport is fortunate to have a great variety of both year-round and migratory birds. Start taking great “yardbird” pictures right in your backyard! These are from my porch!