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OPTIONS AND LOOKS. You have several choices. I am the only dog photographer that can offer you this kind of variety and professional experience this comes from being a life long artist, a past creative director and a dog owner. A Black and white treatment has a totally different feel than the one you would get from a color image. Different “looks” have different feelings. 





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THE CREATION OF THE PAINTOGRAPH.  I have been an artist my whole life. As my love of photography and painting has grown through the digital age, I have discovered how to integrate my painting and photography into one art form. What excites me is sharing this vision with my clients an image that incorporates both the rich history of painting and the different looks available in photography. Creating a “Paintograph” of your loved one is now possible. You couldn’t do this back in the “days of film.” Or when painting was the only medium that everyone predominately used. Combining both mediums painting and photography allows me to draw on the many different visual languages that I have used and felt as a fine artist, as an advertising creative director, and as a Great Dane dad. Each dog and their owner have a special bond that only happens once. This is great way to cherish and preserve this wonderful bond. Special introductory pricing starts at $275.00 for an 8″ x 10″ Digital “Paintograph.” Reserve your photo session time here.


PANTOGRAPHS I offer several different kinds of “Paintographs.” Your dog can be portrayed in a Thomas Gainsborough look, in the style of a Vemeer, (see images below) as a Rembrandt, or just about any other great painting master. When I was photographing Penny, (the dog in the photos) I was visualizing how she might look in a painterly style. Your dogs coloring, attitude and what you desire will  determine the right painterly look. My “Paintographs” are all done by hand, and the pantograph that you will get from me will be simply amazing. My standard of excellence is extremely high. The “Paintograms” take time and demand a high degree of artistic skill.  Let’s discuss what “Masters look” would be great for you Fur Baby!


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Please review my different packages. I would love to create a wonderful image of your Fur Baby that is iconic and timeless for you!


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