Fine Art Photography

Fine Art Photography


An artists journey: The Gulf Coast Series



“Chance Encounters” 40″ X 40″ Limited Editions available.

A walk on the beach and the mystery of what you might find there has always excited me. I waited until the water line receded to connect the driftwood to the foreground and the background. This unifies the image and creates the expansive perspective that brings you into the photograph. You don’t take a photograph you make it. – Ansel Adams


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The John Borys Gallery of Fine Art Images’ sole focus is to provide its clients with superb, awe-inspiring images. Unlike some galleries that offer a variety of prints in an effort to appeal to a variety of customers tastes and sell on volume, The John Borys Gallery of Fine Art Images is about photographic excellence. I have been an artist his whole life. I am not a-want-a-be photographer, like the hordes or retirees that suddenly decide later in life that he or she wants to become a “photographer.” Sadly a lot of photographers have never studied art. The great photographers all studied composition painting and drawing. Henry Carter Bresson is a good example of how important composition is in an image. Everything that is in his photograph is supposed to be there. He made a conscious creative decision to weed out unnecessary clutter, or distracting elements in his work.  Henry never cropped his images. He knew from the moment he took the shot that he was exactly in the spot with the right lens to tell the story that he visualized.

My color photography is about the nuances of light, color, and composition. The colors in the atmosphere change very quickly during sunrise and sunset literally in seconds. One of my favorite quotes is from Degas, an impressionist painter. “Art is not what you see but, what you make others see. My work takes the “taken for granted” things we see and makes them visually inspirational. Not just looking — but actually seeing what’s there. All of my landscapes are worked out in advance and a tremendous amount of planning goes into each shot. This discipline came from my years in advertising as a Creative Director in the advertising industry. Nothing is left to chance. Photoshoots for national brands are crafted in a way to evoke the most engaging and emotional response you can get. My black and white images are about communicating the otherworldliness and graphic compositional elements that we often overlook. Some images are more emotional and engaging in black and white. My fine art landscapes all have stories both behind and within the image. When you are looking for excellence in landscape photography I have many choices to consider.



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