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Understanding art history, composition, drawing, and painting are the foundation for my photography. It’s all about light. Working as a creative director/photographer in the advertising industry for three decades has taught me how to create images that connect emotionally. Please see my portraits below.


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I started when I was three. My mom has shown me some of the pictures that I was creating back then. I believe her. My artistic journey has gone from drawing at an early age through a BFA degree in art, 2,000 photoshoots commercially for national brands, and a lifetime of learning under the best in the business. Painting, drawing, and photography at least for me is not something I decided to do after a successful career in something else or something I do for fun, a hobby, or a means of self-discovery. I create images because this is what I was born to do.

It is that simple and that complex.

John Borys has been a creative director in the advertising industry for over three decades. He has been responsible for “the look” and creating the visual language used by successful brands to connect people to products. From Continental Airlines, travel leisure, food, professional services, products, industrial, fashion, and lifestyle John knows how to create images that engage us and connect with us. His eye for storytelling and creating moving images has guided some of the best photographers in the world. A photographer himself, John’s commissioned photography projects are diverse and grace the walls of many homes and offices internationally.

John has taught photography classes at the Rockport Center For The Arts, in Corpus Christi, and Austin. His photography classes are very unique because he teaches both techniques and the aesthetics of photography. John loves helping others improve their craft and create better images. He is also on the Board of the Corpus Christi Arts and Cultural Commission.


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