Now in Rockport!


Now in Rockport!

Karen and Holly

Karen and Holly live in Fulton, Texas. Karen was wearing a beautiful red blouse for the photoshoot. Her blouse reminded me of the early northern renaissance paintings that Italian painter, Jan Van Eyck had painted. These timeless images and narratives are still fascinating today. The tonalities and colors from the Renaissance art period are what we today call jewel tones. Karen was so nervous. I really make sure that “my people” feel at home and relaxed in my studio. I let all my owner’s dogs sniff around for a bit. When their dog is relaxed, both the dog and the owner do much better. The owners are often times more worried about how the dog will do than the dog is. I don’t rush my clients. This is a special time for you and your dog. I have directed numerous national commercial advertising shoots and know how to make people feel at ease and look amazing. I love taking pictures of people with their dogs. That bond is a special. And like Jan Van Eyck, it’s timeless.

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