Beginning Portraiture, Studio, and On-location.

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Beginning Portraiture Class




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Beginning  Portrait Photography

This class is perfect for beginning photographers or anyone that needs a refresher course on how to photograph people. You must have a digital camera that let you set the controls of the aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

Limited to 10 students per class.


Learn the basics of portrait lighting.

Learn how to meter for flash and get a correct exposure.

Learn the basics of how to direct and pose people. 

Learn how to shoot portraits both outside and inside with great results.


Concepts covered

• Understanding The proper Exposure with flash

• Understanding your camera using flash on camera and off camera

• Understanding aperture how it affects flash lighting

• Understanding shutter speed how it affects flash

• Understanding the optimum settings for portraits both outside and inside

• Understanding how to direct and pose people

• How to take pictures using flash in manual mode.

• How to create the best portrait image in different environments

• People shots – the basics

• Group shots the basics

• Composition and cropping

• Formats, 35mm, Square, and panoramic


First Class – will be on flash, natural light, on camera flash and off camera flash and fill flash.

Second Class – proper metering to get correct exposure,  different lighting situations.

Third Class – shooting assignment utilizing what you have just learned and taking pictures both indoors and outdoors. 

Fourth Class – review of images, personal one on one review and re-cap of concepts and settings.


About the instructor:

John Borys has been a creative director in the advertising industry for the past 30 years. He has been responsible for  the “look” and creation of the visual language used by successful brands to connect people to products. From Continental Airlines, travel leisure, food, professional services, products, industrial, fashion and lifestyle John knows how to create images that engage us and connect with us. His eye for storytelling and creating emotional images has guided some of the best photographers in the world. A photographer himself, John now shares what it takes to create images that have the “big wow” factor. Part of this is understanding light, how to meter correctly, how to pre-visualize, and see the shot prior to shooting. The aesthetics — the real separator between an amateur and a pro, the “how” you tell the story, and the “why” are taught and shared too. The professional process of pre-production, the actual shoot, and post-digital editing are key regardless of what you are shooting. You will learn what happens in each of these stages the process and how this will give you professional repeatable results with your photography. You will learn the secrets of how professional, successful commercial photographers work and most importantly how to apply this real life experience to your photographic journey regardless if you are a beginner or an advanced hobbyist.