Product Photography portfolio

Product Photography portfolio

Product Photography portfolio

John Borys

I am a master in content creation, strategic brand messaging and creative services.

John Borys has been a creative director/photographer in the advertising industry for over three decades. He has been responsible for “the look” and creating the visual language used by successful brands to connect people to products. From Continental Airlines, travel leisure, food and beverage, professional services, products, industrial, fashion, and lifestyle John knows how to create photographic images that engage us and connect with us. His eye for storytelling and creating moving images has also guided some of the best photographers in the world. John’s introduction to the world of advertising began at Glen Bozell & Jacobs in Dallas, where he helped secure and worked on some of the first significant accounts outside of New York. There, John was put on the fast track and into a position to learn from and perfect his craft working alongside creatives that were soon to become advertising legends. John has held positions at other major agencies including NW Ayer in New York, who brought us “A diamond is forever” (DeBeers), “Be all you can be” (US Army) and “Reach out and touch someone (AT&T). There, John served as one of the Creative Directors for Continental Airlines, responsible for the “Kids Fly Free” campaign. John has since led, directed, and managed many other highly successful campaigns and marketing initiatives. Throughout his career, John has worked not only on global accounts but also on small business and start-up accounts, giving him a broad base of insight and experience. Industries ranging from travel and leisure, retail, food and beverage, consumer goods, professional services, oil and gas, healthcare, professional services, real estate, financial, and others have been led by and profited greatly from his insights, guidance, creativity, and photographic solutions. John holds a BFA in Advertising and Fine Arts from North Texas State University (Denton, TX). A photographer himself, John’s commissioned photography projects are diverse and grace the walls of many homes and offices internationally.

John has taught photography classes at the Rockport Center For The Arts, in Corpus Christi, and Austin. His photography classes are very unique because he teaches both techniques and the aesthetics of photography. John loves helping others improve their craft and create better images. He is also on the Board of the Corpus Christi Arts and Cultural Commission. Here is a link to my photography/videography page.




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