Jeannie and the grand babies


Jeannie and the grand babies

Jeannie, Daisy and Riley

Kids are so themselves. Unruffled, curious, not self conscience and enjoy having fun at a photo shoot. It’s a shame that we don’t stay this relaxed as we get older. Daisy and Riley have such different personalities. As a photographer, you try to catch the moments that tell a story about your subject. Interaction is another beautiful thing that happens with family shoots. The love between people becomes evident. The image now has two stories going on. The one with you and the camera and the one with Jeannie and Daisy or Jeannie and Riley. Then you have the two of them Riley and Daisy together. It was a fantastic photo shoot. And a ton of fun working with all of them! For information on scheduling a photo session please¬†contact me.

Jeannie and Riley


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