A magic day


A magic day.

January 15, 2017

A magic day.

I knew at the time that I was witnessing really fantastic light that morning. I have someone that made this possible for me who I will be forever grateful. It has been two years, and I have yet to see this kind of light again. It was cool. Jacket weather, which is unusual for South Texas. The idea was to shoot the sunrise with mixed light. Combining headlight with natural light. I knew from past exposures that a ¼ of a second would produce a beautiful blur on the cresting of the waves. Water needs a little blur to look and feel like water. When water is photographed to fast, it seems like rocks frozen in space. I remember the atmosphere had a chill to it. This was not an average temperature, and as the sun rose, the color temperature started to warm the crisp air and produced some of the best light I have ever seen. This is one of the images from that one of a kind day. It is called Shimmer. This needs to be seen large to really appreciate the nuances that the light produced over the shore and the water. Contact me for custom sized prints. I was blessed to see and share this. More of my work

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