Getting the right exposure every time


Getting the right exposure every time

Getting the right exposure every time

Here is why Spot meters are still the way to go with digital cameras.

Spot meters just like digital cameras read subject values for getting the right exposure. Only better, more precisely and you can evaluate a scene’s subject value range.

(The brightest bright and the darkest dark). Knowing this range within your image lets you make adjustments. Another key thing that a spot meter does that digital cameras don’t is let you place a specific value (a tone or an important part within the image) where you want it. Placing the correct value where it should be does several good things. All the rest of the values within your image will fall based on this key value placement. Using a spot meter will give you a proper exposure every time for any image used for web or for printing. One of our Cloudscapes and ¬†Landscapes Workshops teaches “The new zone system for digital cameras”


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